NEW: Hive Hunt

This month we launched our new activity, Hive Hunt.

If you answer one or more questions below with a YES, our new Hive Hunt geocaching game might be something for you!

You like geocaching?

If you like geocaching, you will certainly like the Buzzy Bee Bike Hive Hunt adventure. Like with geocaching we have hidden small containers (hives) South of Chiang Mai. The challenge is to find them all 8 as fast as possible.

You want to discover outer Chiang Mai?

Buzzy Bee Bike Hive Hunt is a challenging way to discover beautiful outer Chiang Mai on our E-bikes on your own. It’s not possible to accept the challenge without using one of our E-bikes. That’s the reason you can’t find the caches on the official geocaching website or app, we will provide the details to you at start. Every participant using the same means of transportation (with pedal assist!) makes it a fair competition.

hive hunt | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

You like competition?

Everybody who achieves a first place ranking on our ‘Hive of Fame’ will be rewarded by getting back 50% of his/her payment. The first name is already there, can you beat this guy and push him back to the second position?

But if you don’t like competition you can of course also do a relaxed ride from point to point and take more time to enjoy the view!

Hive of Fame | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

You want to accept the challenge?

If you want to accept the challenge (or want to do a relaxed ride from point to point), book a Buzzy Bee Bike Hive Hunt adventure. Then on the booked day and time come to our office in Nam Phrae for a Buzzing start of your ride. You will find further details and requirements on the booking page.

You want to join as a team?

Also available as a company or team outing, if required with customized program.


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