In these hectic times health comes first, and we hope you all are and stay well. Take care of yourselves and others!

During their ‘home arrest’ some people already think about future holidays. Nothing wrong with that, it’s good to be optimistic and have something to look forward to.
How nice would it be then to get in direct contact with those who joined one of our adventures themselves?
That’s why we created chat rooms/groups on Whatsapp, Line and Hangouts. We call them Buzzy Bee Bike chat hives*. In these chat hives* former Buzzy Bee Bike cyclists can help us prepare for the future. Your support will help us to overcome this black page in history. Join and share your experiences with future cyclists, so they can hear at first hand from other travellers.

Did you join a Buzzy Bee Bike adventure and do you want to be available to share your experiences with our future cyclists?
Or do you think about joining a Buzzy Bee Bike adventure in the future and want to hear from others how it was?
We encourage both groups to join one or more of our chat hives*.
Of course we ourselves are also present in these chat hives*, so there is always someone to respond, at least if we don’t sleep ?

rice harvest | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Join the conversation on WHATSAPP / HANGOUTS / LINE
(click the buttons to enter the chat hive):


If there are any questions about our tours you can always contact us in many ways. Or start a live chat there if you need a direct answer. We are available between 7:00-22:00 Chiang Mai time. Outside these hours you can leave your questions and your email address and we will reply within 24 hours.

* No obligations, you can leave the chat hive at any time. Be polite and respect the goal of our chat hives to share specific Buzzy Bee Bike experiences. Spammers, scammers and members sending irrelevant or rude posts will be blocked.


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