New brochure

This month we printed our new brochures.

You can find our brochures at several tour agencies, hotels and guesthouses in Chiang Mai. You can also download the brochure here to share it with your travel companions, or to clarify to your travel agent what you want to have added to your travel program. Of course you can also always contact us direct through our contact page or via the contact information you find at the backside of the brochure.

No new adventures in this brochure, but completer pickup time information and some clarifications of things we got questions about in the past period. Keep asking questions, it gives us food for thought and ability to improve our service! You can contact us to ask your questions, or you can post them in our special FAQ Facebook group.

Thanks for your contribution!


brochure | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand


But: Save nature, by saving paper and ink. Don’t print it if you don’t need it on paper!

Think before you ink | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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