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Read the Corona virus update below and all the linked information. Created: 25/03/2020. Updated: 22/12/2021

Prepare yourself well for your Thai holiday in general, and for your Buzzy Bee Bike adventure in particular. One important thing, cycling is an easy way to conform to social distancing. Of course we make stops, where you still have to respect distance. But a big part of your time you will be pedaling, at safe distance from the rest of the group. It’s recommended to bring a mask. Hand sanitizer is available on location, but a small portable bottle or tube should be brought by yourself if you want to use it during the tour.

If you don’t want to join a group, because you feel more comfortable with it, contact us to find out which options we have for private tours.

On this page we will share relevant information about the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation and how this affects your Buzzy Bee Bike adventure.

If you scroll down, you will also find temporary changes in our policies (for your advantage) and availability (limited).

stay safe | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Actual situation:

Test & Go exemption program and some Sandbox programs have been closed from 21st of December 2021. Review of the situation after the holidays on January 4. Also the list of countries with easier access will be reviewed soon. Still domestic travel restrictions can vary locally and change from day to day. Follow the official channels below for the current situation. To make it more interesting to come to Thailand the 30 day visa exemption for tourists was already increased to 45 days before. Businesses and their customers should still take measures to comply with social distancing rules. Things can change any moment, check the official websites below for details and changes. (modified 22/12/2021)

Official websites

On social media you can find a lot of information, but also a lot of incorrect information. Don’t believe everything you read (in comments) on Facebook and other channels. We recommend to always check information on official websites from the Thai government and organizations to make sure you are aware of the actual situation.  This list is not complete and might be expanded if new interesting sources come to our attention. We can’t be held responsible for any incorrect information provided on any of the linked websites, we just recommend to follow the official publications.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Royal Thai Government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand

Ministry of Public Health – Department of Disease Control (DDC-MOPH)

Tourist Authority Thailand (TAT)

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Travelcentre (IATA)

Thai PBS World (Public Broadcast Station in English language)

PR Thai Governement (Facebook page in EN)

Google News


Temporary reduced availability

Because of the much lower booking rate we decided to reduce the number of time slots for our tours. We will update the availability if new information becomes available concerning tightened or mitigated travel restrictions. If a tour is not available on your preferred day, please look at the day before and after. If then still not found we might have gone to an even lower frequency. You can always contact us to check if we can reopen a time slot if you want to book for at least 2 persons. Unfortunately we can’t do this for just one person.


Temporary change of cancellation policy

We understand that this uncertain period refrains you from planning your holidays. On the other hand the restrictions resulting from social distancing might give you extra time to plan these holidays.  We also understand your uncertainty to make a booking. Therefore we made some temporary changes/additions to our standard cancellation policy. For bookings made ONLINE ON OUR OWN WEBSITE between 26 March 2020 and 30 November 2021 for tour participation before 31 December 2021:

  1. Full refund if cancellation requested by email more than 7 days before tour departure.
  2. Free change of your booked date if requested by email at least 48 hours before departure, even if you have to move the date to the first quarter of 2022.
  3. In all other cases we will try to find the best solution case by case. In principle our standard cancellation policy and additionally condition 1 and 2 are leading. No rights can be claimed from tailor made solutions we offered to others.

Cancellations and changes have to be requested by email and the date/time stamp of the email in our inbox is leading.


For now: Enjoy preparing your holiday in Thailand.

We hope to see you soon!

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