Geocoins traveling the world

To promote our newest  Hive Hunt adventure, we recently sent out two geotags.


hive hunt | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand


For those familiar with geocaching it will be clear what geotags are. Else you can read more about geotags, also called trackables or geocoins, if you  click here.

We named the geotags ‘Lonely Bee One’ (TB989Y2) and ‘Lonely Bee Two’ (TB989XW). Number One left from Valkenburg (NL), number Two from Chiang Mai (TH). On the picture below you can see what they look like.


geocoins | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Their goal is to meet in New York some day. Both Lonely Bees carry a blue and a white wooden shoe. Once reunited, both blue wooden shoes should be attached to one tag and both white ones to the other tag. Then they will be send out again to travel for a new mission.

Dropping the geotags in a cache where both tags come together and posting a photo of both tags with the Statue of Liberty in the background would be the ultimate proof the geotags are reunited and provides you the title of honour ‘FTR Lonely Bees’ (FTR = First to Reunite)

Logging a geotag is an honor, and usually not rewarded. But in this case the two persons who make that both coins meet as explained above, each earn a free ride for two with Buzzy Bee Bike. So these are the person who logs the first tag in the targeted location and the person who logs the second tag in this same location. Both should post a picture with the Statue of Liberty in the background. The first showing the geotag he/she drops and the second showing both geotags. Because we understand that not everybody who stays in New York will also soon visit Thailand the prize is transferable to someone else. You will receive a code which you can use to pay with during the booking proces of our adventures. So you can always give it away to someone you know who intends to go to Thailand.

If you like to follow the adventures of these traveling Lonely Bees you can read their loggings on, but only if you register. That’s why we also created a ‘Buzzy Bee Bike follow the geotags’ group on Facebook, where we will repost the logs for those who want to follow the Lonely Bee Geotags.

Enjoy their travels!

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