Asked Questions


If you do not receive an e-mail within minutes after booking, please contact us via [email protected]


Our cycling adventures are guided. Guides are your signpost, interpreter and advisor. For some adventures they lead you in remote areas where it’s better if a Thai speaking person is with you.

We also provide bikes for cycling on your own. In this case we advise to stay in populated areas or else be with a group, just in case something happens to help each other.

No, for several reasons we have chosen to always start from our location:

  • we only provide guided adventures, and our guests have to be collected from different locations and brought to one starting point
  • we like to give our guests professional safety instructions, which is easier on a fixed location
  • we don’t want to waste electric power to get out of town, but prefer to use it all for your ride

We organize adventures for groups. In general the minimum group size is 2 and maximum 8, exceptions are possible and indicated during booking. We offer short cycling adventures, half-day cycling adventures and full-day adventures. But whatever adventure you would like to do, we can do it for you. If you would like to organize other activities as part of your adventure, just ask and we will find out how we can help you. Contact us now to get a quote.

Of course dangers depend on environment, other traffic participants and behaviour of the cyclist him/herself. Be aware that traffic in Thailand is driving on the left hand and make sure that you see other traffic and are being seen by other traffic.

Always wear your helmet, which we compulsory provide for your safety!

Yes, our adventures are available all year, so also in the rainy season adventures are organized. Rain usually falls in the late afternoon, in the evening or in the night. In case of rain we provide poncho’s.

Our E-bike adventures are suitable for everyone with a length of at least 150 cm and a normal condiction. On purpose the E-bikes are only available in one size, because we think E-biking in Thai traffic is not suitable for younger children. They are not used to Thai traffic, not used to a self-powered bike and they are easily distracted. So for everyone’s safety we have chosen not to facilitate smaller bikes.

If you need help selecting the adventure that fits you best, you can use our ‘adventure selecting tool

Booking and Cancellation

If you need help selecting the adventure that fits you best, you can use our ‘adventure selecting tool

For booking click the Adventures menu on top of the page and just follow the instructions. Terms and conditions will be visible during the booking process, including cancellation policy. You will get a confirmation in your e-mail.

Different types of payment are available. Simply choose the appropriate payment option once you reach the payment page. All payments are conducted on a secure server, so your payments are well protected.

Cycling Gear

If you book a trip with us, we offer an electric fat tire bike. Possibility to paddle with paddle assist, or even full electric. Of course the action radius depends on the chosen level of assist. Our adventures have been adapted to the battery capacity. So if you use too high level of paddle assist, you will encounter yourself. Each bike comes with a helmet.

A helmet is standard included with every bike. Wearing of the helmet is compulsory. We also have gloves available. If you wish to wear other protection you will have to bring it yourself.

Our guides are carrying first-aid kits during all adventures.

No, we offer just one frame size of our E-bikes. Of course the saddle can be adjusted, but we advise a minimum length of about 150 cm. We also think that our E-bikes and adventures are less suitable for children, that´s why we decided not to offer smaller bicycles.

If you have small children we offer one of the parents to stay at our place while the other parent goes cycling with the older childr(en).