Buzzy Bee Bike has something to celebrate

Buzzy Bee Bike has something to celebrate

It’s been FIVE YEARS already, since the Buzzy Bee Bike adventure to provide Buzzy Bee Bike adventures started. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

BBB 5th anniversary | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

It was on the 1st of October 2017 that Buzzy Bee Bike officially opened their doors in Nam Phrae, south of Chiang Mai, to offer amazing E-bike tours outside Chiang Mai city area.

FIVE YEARS of fun, great contacts with customers from all over the world, but also hard times followed.
Creating visibility and awareness of the Buzzy Bee Bike activities during the first year and growth in the second year, also the third year started promising, till in March 2020 Covid-19 took over the world and tourism was completely wiped out.

Luckily from June this year tourism revived and even faster than expected brought the number of guests back to pre-Covid level. Of course hoping that from now on tourism will recover more and Buzzy Bee Bike is able to provide more fun tours for more great customers again.

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