Biking in times of crisis

There are plenty reasons to keep biking in times of crisis, and keep doing it after it’s over. It’s a cheap way of transportation. It’s good for your physical and mental health. It’s good for the environment. It’s fun!*

Cycling is a great way of outdoor entertainment. Use all your senses and enjoy the environment in which you cycle. Hear the people, animals and other traffic around you. See all we mentioned before and the nice sights on your way. Smell nature and food from the local food stalls and markets. Stop to taste it as well. And feel the wind, sun and all you touch during your ride. No matter if it’s hot, cold, dry or warm weather, you can always go cycling. Just go out whenever your favorite conditions are there and enjoy your ride.

We selected some interesting articles* that explain why you should keep biking in times of crisis and what to take care of:

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* This is a snapshot of the current situation, in times of crisis things can change every minute. Therefore, whatever is written in this post or linked articles, we always recommend to respect the current rules and recommendations of the local government. So respect what they currently say about outside activities, social distancing, etcetera. You can also check the links on our special Corona virus update page.

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