Back to 'normal' and more


After two years of Covid restrictions tourism looks like getting back to normal. This season, with school holidays in Europe and people free to travel around the world again, looks like it pushes many people to get on our e-bikes. These are the best months since we started Buzzy Bee Bike in 2017. Being 2018-2019 years of creating brand awareness and growth, 2020-2021 were terrible years for the whole tourism branch.

Despite having to start over working on our brand awareness and getting people in, luckily 2022 looks like people are catching up on travels. Especially many Europeans found their way back to Buzzy Bee Bike.

Thanks to all who supported our adventure by being part of it and also making it their adventure!


Back on the road again | Buzzy Bee Bike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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