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Are you looking for a nice present for somebody who plans to go to Thailand, more specific Chiang Mai? And is he/she someone who likes cycling?

Buy a gift card which they can use to pay when booking an adventure at Buzzy Bee Bike.

To buy gift cards you have to register during the buying process, we hope it doesn’t hold you back from surprising your friends with such a nice gift. It’s NOT because we want to collect your data, but to be able to resend your unique gift card code whenever you loose it.

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: To pay by credit/debit card, during the booking process choose PayPal (you don’t have to join PayPal). If you don’t have Paypal or credit/debit card at all, please contact us for alternative payment.

Sometimes the payment screen is in Thai language, the reason is not always clear. Most common reason is using a Thai simcard. If you have the Paypal app on your phone the screen will use the language that is selected in your app, but if you don’t have the app it will select the language matching your simcard.

There is an easy solution: If you scroll to the bottom of the payment screen, you will find the word Thai in blue Thai letters (ไทย), followed by a dropdown arrow. If you click on this dropdown menu you can select English.

If you do not receive an e-mail within minutes after booking, please contact us via