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In principle our adventures start in the morning. Depending on the season we also start in the afternoon. If the afternoon is not available during booking you can always contact us to check availability. Of course it’s also always possible to contact us if you have special wishes and we will try to help you as much as possible. This also applies if you want to book last minute (late afternoon/evening on the day before departure) and the time slot is blocked. You can always contact us to check availability! If you want to book for 4 persons or more on the same adventure you can just book it, but if you contact us first, we might be able to make a special offer. Please mention tour, date and time in your email.

For the one star rated adventures you can contact us to ask us if a bike trailer (closed, children 1-4 yr) or trailer bike (=tag-along, open, self paddle, children 5-9 yr) is available, higher rated adventures are not suitable for bike trailers and trailer bikes. If you have small children we also offer one of the parents to stay at our place, where facilities are available, while the other parent goes cycling with the older child(ren).

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Note: To pay by credit/debit card, during the booking process choose PayPal (you don’t have to join PayPal). If you don’t have Paypal or credit/debit card at all, please contact us for alternative payment.

If you do not receive an e-mail within minutes after booking, please contact us via

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